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Qi Gong/Aroma rejuvenation

Qi Gong/Aroma Rejuvenation is our signature program. You want to look young, feel young, be younger! First we address your posture using Functional Training and Myofascial Release, good posture makes you look younger, eliminates most chronic pains, positively influence internal organs making you feel younger. Nutritional tips and essential oil beauty treatments waking up your cells to renew themselves therefore you getting younger from inside!


Qi Gong is an ancient healing art that promotes longevity. It is a set of low impact exercises- mindful combinations of breathing and motion. It will also help you to relieve stress of daily life and find your own inspiration, so you can  dance like nobody’s watching again! Refresh you ever-young spirit.

This year we offer a package of 6 sessions and a set of essential oils for health and beauty!

massage oils.001

6 sessions


1 massage oil (Choice of 6)

1 Lavender essential oil

1 Tea tree essential oil


Full price $489

$440 Package price (10% off)


call to purchase a perfect gift or a treat for yourself       224-715-1120


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