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Qi Gong

qi gong
Qi-Gong is a series of postures done sitting,  standing and lying down. These body postures, along with special breathing techniques, release stagnant energy and accumulate Qi (Chi) in the body’s energy centers.

The practitioner learns to use physical movements, respiratory techniques and intent to make the energy. You learn to self- regulate  the Qi flow, to send it to distressed areas so the body can repair itself more quickly and easily.

Qi Gong teaches you to deal intelligently with stress, to keep body relaxed !

Benefits of Qi-Gong:

1) Strengthens the physical body.
2) Develops an awareness and control of the body’s energy flow (Chi or Qi)

3) Calms the mind and allows for clearer thinking
4) Increases the natural healing power of the body by strengthening the immune system and supporting the function of body organs.