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   100_4607Qi -Gong- authentic art of restoration and maintaining health an vitality.

   Qi-Gong is a simple and effective method of controlling the life energy flow (Chi or Qi) throughout the body.

     Qi-Gong is a series of postures done standing ,sitting and lying down.  These body postures, along with special breathing        techniques, release stagnant energy and accumulate Qi (Chi) in the body’s energy centers. Which is the basis for thriving of any living creature



Benefits of Qi-Gong:

1) Strengthens the physical body.

2) Develops an awareness and control of the body’s energy flow (Chi or Qi)

3) Calms the mind and allows for clearer thinking

4) Increases the natural healing power of the body by strengthening the immune system  and supporting the function of body organs.

8 week program (twice a week, 16 sessions total)

  • Breathing
  • Basic knowledge of breathing muscles and process of breathing
  • Breathing for flexibility
  • Breathing for strength
  • Breathing for relaxation


  • Standing
  • Sitting alignment
  • Corrections of imbalances and bad habits


  • Developing of supportive muscles and tissues


  • Tai chi walk.


16 week program (2 times a week, 32 sessions total)

8 week program +

Breathing advanced

  • Meditation
  • Recharging with breathing
  • Rejuvenation with breathing

Posture advanced

  • Releasing emotional stress

Balance advanced

  • Balance your mind


  • Healing form #1

+ nutritional consultation + 1 cooking class