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Tools of health

We offer variety of programs at YA-Fitness. Our programs include but not limited to the ones mentioned below.

Healing and Stress Relief:

The goal of our first sessions to create proper adjustments so you can achieve the state of harmony and lack of pain. Long term chronic postural difficulties are often set in soft tissues surrounding the bones.
We use Aromatherapy, Breathing, Stretching techniques and many more…

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Natural Weight Management:

Everybody knows that to lose weight one needs to eat right and exercise, but why doesn’t it always work ?Physical exercises which help you to burn unnecessary calories to change your body composition through proper alignment and intense workouts using kettlebell training, yoga dynamic flow and free strike programs.

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MMA Bootcamp:

The workout like no other! It is a mixed martial arts strength and conditioning class. For a seasoned athletes or one day warriors…for you to try it all !!!
MMA is a full contact combat sport that challenges athletes to test their physical and mental to the max.
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Total Athlete Conditioning:

Sports requires special mind-body conditioning to allow athletes to sustain long hours of competitions, protect themselves from injury and achieve their full potential. Give 100% of your energy to get where you want to go!
Learn techniques of focusing and relaxing your energy pathways to mobilize all your skills and abilities to WIN !!

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