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Peaceful Warrior Bootcamp @30

IMG_3001Become A Peaceful Warrior before 30

Acquire the skills for success :

  • Focus
  • Strength
  • Endurance.


Challenge your body.
Challenge what  you know.
Change your Life.

FEEL ( probably for the first time in your life)  where  the REAL STRENGTH is coming from. It does Not come from  muscles, nor from the heart pumping the blood, not even from your mind…It comes from your SPIRIT. You will learn how to activate your spirit and draw the strength from the UNLIMITED source .

and this is HUGE!!!!!

And  this power WILL BE YOURS for the rest of your life.  You can apply it in every aspect of your life: work, business, relationship.
Every part of your existence will be transformed. This bootcamp will take you to a new level, open a new chapter in your life, the one you start building your dreams without fear, the one you’ll be happy and enjoy the journey.

This is the  Future of Body and Mind Workouts.
1.  Feel less fatigue and more energized from just few high intensity workouts per week
2.  It’s not about how much you should do, but how attentive you become
3.  Short periods of Active Meditation more beneficial than 2 hours of mindless exercises
4.  Make massive improvements in Your Lifestyle by using principles of mindfulness.
5.  Experience #scientific# workout!