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Neurodynamics -a new approach to training

is your answer to training and developing the “new you”.

All psychological states whether healthy or pathological are always the reflection of the sensorimotor activities going on system-wide in the body.

There are two sides of this coin: function and structure. Structure affects function, function influences structure. There are two pathways: myofascial and sensory motor approaches.


Static and Dynamic.

Stillness and Movement.

Tai Chi and QiGong are probably the most commonly performed exercise programs on earth. They involve considerable nervous system movements with the added benefit of composed mental states.


Yoga, most athletic stretching and Martial arts all involve varying degrees of nervous system mobilization, joint spaces, musculature, circulatory and lymph tissues.


Sensory input is the primary initiator and organizer of all levels of behavior. In order to have new motor control levels we need to add new sensory information (stimulus). Not too much, not too little. To help you remove the obstacles that keep you from functioning at your best, engage in a learning process that develops your proprioceptive literacy – the ability to read your body’s sensation from within. There is no ultimate goal, there is always room for growth and understanding…an ongoing process.


Learn to combine relaxation with activity,

Learn to do what you have to do without straining…

Working “hard”, but never under anxious tension.


Traditional exercise practices with myofascial release technique offer you a wide range of benefits: Pain reduction, better health, longevity, as well as relief of rheumatic, neurologic, spinal, respiratory, and stress disorders.