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Natural Weight Management

Why don’t diets work ? Why is just a decision to quit eating bad food not enough ? How does one welcome change?

Everybody knows that to lose weight one needs to eat right and exercise, but why doesn’t it always work ?

Your weight control lies in the deep unconsciousness of the mind and to change it you need to retrain the whole system of your internal organs  For example, to teach your intestines new habits, to create a new self image, learn to try new flavors and tastes and act like a new person every moment ! This approach trains your mind to become an obedient servant, guiding your body to the optimal weight and your best looks !

The key factor to keep you body weight in a naturally healthy balance is to eat clean and fresh food. All nutrition you can have, comes from your own dining table… that is to say, the miracle of change is in your hands. The energy and passion you put into preparing meals goes directly into your body. The quality of choices you make is a quality of energy you provide to yourself ! Clean, nutritionally dense food, will enrich your life experience and provide necessary education which you can share with others: your family and your friends !

We deliver the experience of fine dining to your table! You can become a chef on your own! Imagine that you can run your kitchen budget, like the best chefs in the country… which means only one thing…”high quality at the lowest cost”. Understanding the major principles of finding, buying, preserving, mixing and preparing fresh, organic produce, brings happiness and joy not only to your dining table but to the local farmer who grows it for you. YA-Fitness promotes and supports local organic farming. We practice eating and drinking clean food and water. Organic local farming help to create positive changes in the environment by keeping our Earth free of pollution ! The more people can practice what we know the more positive changes we bring together to the planet for life to nourish and grow . With this mind set, you can envision that by keeping your body functions and habits in balance you help everybody… especially yourself!

The Natural Weight Management Program includes:

Physical exercises which help you to burn unnecessary calories to change your body composition through proper alignment and intense workouts using kettlebell training, yoga dynamic flow and free strike programs.

Other program highlights include:

Mental exercises that develop your internal sensitivity and awareness ,which helps you to control your body and steer the process of change in the right direction.

Relaxation techniques to eliminate the negative effects of the stress, unnecessary food cravings and artificial, processed food stimulants that chemically cause people to eat unnaturally which causes chronic life-style related diseases.

Cooking classes to develop the necessary skills of “CHEF OF YOUR OWN KITCHEN“.