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MMA Conditioning

S0185636MMA is a full contact combat sport that challenges athletes to test their physical and mental to the max. So we’ll let you attempt try what to train like a fighter! The methods for developing a full trained fighter apply a blend of fencing,kettle bell training, circuit training, a shaolin kung fu program and the intensity of a military boot camp.

MMA fighters train for different stages of fighting ,because this combat sport allows striking and grappling techniques. For example , MMA methods include the periodization of training and a wealth of regimes for the development of flexibility, strength, speed ,stamina and endurance. To insure proper growth and success of this approach we actively use recovery techniques like tai chi, qi gong, acupressure therapy, myofacial release and sports nutrition consulting ! Being well rested means being physically well armed !!!

Flexibility in your mind and strength in your body are major keys to success !