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Healing and Wellness

DSCF7467The key to healing is ability to relax. Relaxation helps to release your tension and empty the emotions and negative thoughts. It helps you to let go of all restrictions or limitations that have create your present condition. This type of healing creates true freedom of mind. Its purpose to liberate you from all factors of diseases. It is a very important process for you to escape from all diseases and to change into a very healing and bright you. It is rebirth through relaxation!

We also use acupressure and myofascial release therapy. These methods include rubbing, tapping,
pressing and pulling to release discomfort of human body. Rather than only curing the symptoms, the
whole body is receiving a healing power within.

Our training could be divided into 3 stages.
1 – Healing and Adjustment.

DSCF6570There are many things which can limit your ability to exercises, it is previous injures, chronic fatigue,
high level of stress’s before you take a step to each your fitness goal, you have to address each problem,
each limitations.

Some medical conditions you have to discuss with your doctors. There are simple traditional techniques and modern methods that could help you with overs.Will give you tools, to manage your pains, will teach you to relax, nutrition. Will show your different techniques to increase energy level, to feel more vital.

During the training will do different assessment which gives us insight, it will reveal posture imbalances, cardio- vascular and flexibility limitations. Using multiple techniques and problems we will work on each aspect to free you body. Depending on your body condition it can be short or lengthy, but we guarantee it will be very fruitful time with of benefits and great knowledge!

***Finding time for yourself***

2 – Art of being you!

DSCF6537This is the most joyful stage of being and exercising. This is a stage of steady growth.

On this stage we continue to improve e all parameters of your body, using different physical concepts, incorporating new physical concepts. At this stage you can fully enjoy your body.




3 – Challenge and Performances

DSCF6304This is a stage when you can really challenge yourself. Ether it is running a marathon, becoming a world
champion in weight lifting, climbing the Dome of Yosemite.Or just dropping few pounds or reaching
36-24-36.We are here to help. Becoming an athlete or changing your body composition is very serious
challenge.This is a stage for vigorous work outs, discipline, fine tune regiments and serious commitment.

Each stage take different time for different individuals, however the sequence of the stages is the same.
You can choose to stay on stage 2 without challenging y yourself. But skipping stage 1 or stage 2 will
result in serous undermining of your health.

So water ever your level,   you can start improving right now!