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Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness


Functional Wellness is an area of holistic practice that looks at treating underlying physical and structural weaknesses. Functional wellness is an area of health care that looks at restoring function to the body, not just covering symptoms with medication ( with bad side effects).


An example of a structural weakness could be a back, neck, muscle or joint condition that causes pain and functional limits in a persons daily lifestyle. For example, if a person sits at a computer for hours at a time and develops neck, shoulder and arm pain, eventually the condition may limit how long they can comfortably sit and do their work; they have developed a functional problem. If the condition is not treated properly, it can lead to chronic pain, disabling, serious back, muscle, or joint problem.

All psychological states whether healthy or pathological are always the reflection of the sensorimotor activities going on system-wide in the body.

There are two sides of this coin: function and structure. Structure affects function, function influences structure.

All movements involve varying degrees of nervous system mobilization, joint spaces, musculature, circulatory and lymph tissues.

Influencing one part changes another. Functional wellness is a healthy balance of all those elements.