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Family Wellness

Families that play together, stay together ! Quality time together…who doesn’t want that ? A simple way to create health, happiness and peace in our families …is to smile. We love to see people smiling and joyful ! This is why Family Wellness Workshops have been created to enhance your health, happiness and peace.

Each meeting with a family is a workshop designed directly to the needs of the family members. During this session various aspects of healing and wellbeing are practiced and explained. Members of the family learn various ways to enhance their current state of well being. Directions for a further practices are discussed and guidelines are provided to ensure proper training and growth within each family member. YA- Fitness provides the necessary training and tools for your family.

We use natural, easy –to-use, principle-based empowerment tools:

1]  Principles of Health

Breathing,Posture, Nutrition, Energy.

2]  Exercise & Stress releasing Techniques

3] Healing Practices

Self massage, acupressure massage, myofascial release, energy training for common conditions such as



Lower back problems

Digestive problems


Chronic pain

It’s unique opportunity to experience power of healing, help each other to become better caregiver as well as to establish better more harmonious relationships!

Family Wellness Workshop : 2 hour workshop