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Experience Ya-Fitness

DSCF8600YA-Fitness is a unique experience. It synthesizes contemporary physical training techniques with ancient healing practices. We believe that exercising IS your health ,therefore you should be able to take it with you wherever you go. That is why we do not use machines to exercise your body. We bring the wisdom and knowledge of past generations for you to experience and so that you are able to more fully enjoy your daily life….

Everyone is meant to be strong, flexible, healthy and happy. Instead of following stereotypes which are mostly unrealistic presentations of the media, we are encouraging you to find your own best you. It is a creative process which involves thinking, imagining, feeling and expressing yourself freely through movements. It is truly becoming the Art of You. We are eradicating the concept “no pain, no gain” and will prove that exercising is joyful and fun when you focus on your own feeling instead of outside criteria.YA-Fitness stands for “Your Art of Fitness”, which mean “You Create Your Own Health”


What makes us different

Every movement of our body affects not only our muscles and joints but also our entire internal organ system. Some connections are obvious and monitored regularly during exercises like heart and circulatory system. Others are more subtle but not less important. For example, if your digestive system cannot extract and process necessary nutrients for growing muscles any exercising would be damaging to your health. That is why our programs always include special exercises, which indirectly strengthen internal organs and promote overall health, heightening the immune system. We don’t train you as a degraded machine, consisting merely of heart (cardio) and muscles (strength) but as a complete unique and marvelously designed individual. We help you find Joy in every movement and to be proud of your body.