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Diet /Lifestyle Change: 21 day intensive program

21 day to freedom

Our cells have memory, they are designed to maintain their equilibrium- the one they used to, the one they kept maintaining for years.

for example: fat cells, when slimming send a warning message to the brain which in turn translate it into appetite making you want food you don’t really need. No matter how much you want to change- your body wants to return to “normal”

How do you change then?

Success is in teaching old dogs new tricks.

Luckily, there’re techniques and tactics you can learn to help you.

Neurodynamics is your answer to training and developing the “new you”. All psychological states whether healthy or pathological are always the reflection of the sensorimotor activities going on system-wide in the body.

There are two sides of this coin: function and structure. Structure affects function, function influences structure.

There are two pathways: myofascial and sensory motor approaches. By improving both of them simultaneously you have higher chances to make change permanent.

To help you remove the obstacles that keep you from functioning at your best, engage in a learning process that develops your proprioceptive literacy – the ability to read your body’s sensation from within.

A special intensive program that is designed to fight routines in all aspects

  • It include physical and mental exercises;
  • developing internal sensitivity which helps to control your body and steer the process of change in the right direction;
  • relaxation techniques to eliminate negative effects of the stress that you put on your body by changing
  • program consist of
    • 3 private sessions a week which never repeated
    • plus everyday program for self-practice adjusted every time for better results
    • nutritional consultation.


based on traditional health improvement arts.