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Cooking Meditation

It always hurts me when people say “Ican’t cook” or ” I don’t like to cook” . I think it’s only because they approach the subject from the wrong angle. Let’s focus on why we are cooking. We are cooking for the nourishment of our bodies, for our well-being and for the health of our family.
When you approach your kitchen counter with the thought “I don’t like this”, it probably will find its way into your finished dish one way or another.
Please let me offer you a cooking meditation that might change you and possibly the health of your family.
First, I get greens and veggies out- and every meal has to have vegetables! As I wash them, I clean my thoughts, I leave all the dirt behind- all the negative and worrying thoughts, all the emotional junk of the day, all problems. I begin to think about my family and my LOVE for them. I focus on the task I’m trying to accomplish: nourish my loved ones, keep them strong and happy.
Then comes peeling. I think of finding the very best, the center, the true essence of the plant, uncovering the heart. Often I save the peels, because they might not be the best of the best, but they are still very good and useful ( providing you use organic). I put them in water and boil with spices to make a broth which I later use for soups and sauces.
When I’m chopping, I send all my loving energy through my hands into the food.
When I use meat, I think of the brave animal that gave its life to feed my family.  I thank the animal for its sacrifice and send my grateful energy to the animal’s soul in order to help it on its new journey.
I mix every sauce with good water and charge it with loving energy. This might be the time to remember what was worrying you before you started cooking and have a POSITIVE visualization.
I use Himalayan salt, which I add at the very end, after the heat is turned off, and never forget to thank the Earth for being a bountiful and beautiful sister.
When you spend your time in the kitchen this way, cooking will stop being a chore, and become an opportunity for growth. Instead of “wasted” time, as some call it, it will turn into the a time of self-respect, love and relaxation. And it will always find its way into the dish you’ve made. Even the simplest of foods will get compliments.
Every culture has proverbs saying that a happy cook makes delicious food. Well, a loving cook makes healing foods.