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Dmitrij Goloscapov

Personal Trainer

Dmitrij’s journey in athletics started in 1987 with the Junior Olympic Fencing Team of Latvia articipating in International Junior Olympic Games in 1992, 1993, 1994. His achievements include being a captain of the team in 1993 when the team took 2nd place and taking a personal 3rd place in 1994.

Dmitrij’s training continued in 2000-2005 in Martial arts where he learned the effectiveness and supreme abilities of human body.He channeled these abilities into energy, healing and injury prevention.

In 2005 he graduated Basic Healing School and became Dahn Yoga instructor, teaching regular classes and learning the connections between our physical movements, internal organs and our emotional state of mind.
Since 2006 Dmitrij offers unique opportunities to experience transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Following are the benefits you receive from the training

  • Stronger immune system, improving resistance to common colds, flu and other diseases
  • Better posture, improving many chronically painful conditions
  • Higher resistance to stress, resulting in a calmer and happier life
  • A higher level of Vital Energy
  • Several psychological benefits like improved focus and better nights sleep

Dmitrij is certified in CPR and Basic First Aid, Personal Trainer and Aerobic instructor, Step-Kickboxing-Group Exercise, Yoga instructor and Healer School graduate, NESTA Mixed Martial
Arts Conditioning Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

He designs unique programs from a mixture of Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Healing arts, Russian kettlebell weight training and traditional western exercises He firmly believes that training the body is a joy and having a strong and flexible body brings happiness and a feeling of well-being into daily life. Try it! “A new man is born,” said one of his clients after a month of practicing his “Smile-and-Love-our-Body” style.